5 Reasons to Choose a Medically Licensed Botox Injector

5 Reasons to Choose a Medically Licensed Botox Injector

These days, it can seem like Botox is everywhere. Doctor’s offices, medical spas, and beauty spas all seem to offer the injections. There are even so-called “Botox parties” where groups of people gather and Botox provider offers the injections. These parties take place at someone’s home or in a hotel room.

Neurotoxin, like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, injections aren’t the same as getting your hair cut or your nails done. Sure, someone can mess up a hairstyle or choose a nail polish color that’s questionable, resulting in disappointment. But, an Injector who doesn’t have the right training and credentials, can cause considerable amounts of trouble. Some people who offer Botox don’t even have experience performing the treatment!

Here’s why it’s always a good idea to choose a board-certified, trained, and experienced physician as your Botox provider.

You’ll Enjoy Better Results

The face has more than 40 muscles. Each muscle has a vital role to play when it comes to making facial expressions. An inexperienced Botox provider is less likely to be familiar with the anatomy of the face. They may not know the location of the specific muscles that control precise movements. Injecting the wrong areas can lead to complications and poor results.

Often, when people go to a Botox provider who isn’t a well-trained specialist, you can tell. The patient might have trouble making facial expressions. They might even look as if they are wearing a mask.

You’ll Feel More Comfortable

Comfort is critical when it comes to receiving Botox or other types of injectable treatments. A dermatologist or other medical professional is likely performing the procedure in a clean, sanitary office setting. Additionally, a medical professional can apply numbing cream or topical anesthetic to the treatment area. These anesthetics can help to reduce any discomfort during the treatment.

You’re More Likely to Receive an Authentic Product

It might surprise you to learn that counterfeit Botox exists. Unfortunately, it’s something that a non-professional or inexperienced provider is more likely to have. The good news, a medical professional with training, is considerably less likely to use fake Botox. The other good news is that there are ways to tell if Botox is authentic or not. Authentic Botox will have a hologram logo on the vial, a tamper-evident sticker on the box, and license and tracking numbers on the outer box.

You’ll Be Safer

Incorrect placement or too much Botox can cause severe complications. Those complications can range from drooping in the eyebrows to difficulty swallowing. Choosing a provider who knows how much to administer and exactly where to place it can mean the difference between an injection that goes smoothly and one that is potentially life-threatening.

An experienced and trained provider will also be able to give you instructions to help improve your results and avoid side effects or complications in the hours and days immediately following treatment.

You’ll Have Options if Something Goes Wrong

Finally, choosing the right Botox provider will give you confidence that they will be there if a problem occurs. An injector who’s setting up shop in a hotel room or someone’s home might not be there in the morning if you have a question or concern.
Before you schedule your treatment, talk to the person who will perform the injections. Find out what your options are if there is an issue. While you can’t “undo” Botox injections, sometimes, a provider might be able to balance out droopiness or correct another problem.

Finding the right Botox provider can make all the difference when it comes to your overall satisfaction and safety. Dr. Sandra DeCarlo is a leading Nurse Practitioner in aesthetics. She performs Botox injections, as well as alternatives lip fillers at her practice in Phoenix. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sandra DeCarlo or one of her associates, call 623.776.6133 today.


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